New Old Science

I am running. Where? I don’t know. From what? I don’t know.


I am wearing a suit. Not a jogging suit. One of those suit with a tie. There is a card bouncing on my breast. A University logo. And a name. “Prof. John Williamson – Physics department”.
My hands are covered in wrinkles. I must be 60, or more. Alzheimer? Seems plausible. I turn back: no one is following. The streets are empty, and I don’t recognise them. Once again one of those glitches.

I am in an auditorium, I feel happy like I have achieved something. Around me, there are a lot of young people dressed in a cape. I am one of them, and I am holding a book: “The collapse of the wave function and the problem of conscience. PhD dissertation ”

The only conscious memories I have is me running and these glitches. But…

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Confidant Chapter Nine (Part Three)

‘The bus shelter?’ Charlotte asked, unsure of where Luke was going with his questions. ‘That can’t be right, he takes the tram to work.’ Charlotte had been studying in the university library when her phone flashed noiselessly on the desk with a call from Luke. She would have ignored it if it wasn’t the third… Continue reading Confidant Chapter Nine (Part Three)


Confidant Chapter Nine (Part Two)

‘This is so intimidating…’ James said as the three of them stepped into the ballroom. The brightly lit space was gargantuan in size and filled with people mingling and talking quietly amongst themselves. Academics and masters in their fields gathered around the room exchanging ideas and notes, taking part in friendly conversations and light-hearted debates.… Continue reading Confidant Chapter Nine (Part Two)