New Old Science

I am running. Where? I don’t know. From what? I don’t know.


I am wearing a suit. Not a jogging suit. One of those suit with a tie. There is a card bouncing on my breast. A University logo. And a name. “Prof. John Williamson – Physics department”.
My hands are covered in wrinkles. I must be 60, or more. Alzheimer? Seems plausible. I turn back: no one is following. The streets are empty, and I don’t recognise them. Once again one of those glitches.

I am in an auditorium, I feel happy like I have achieved something. Around me, there are a lot of young people dressed in a cape. I am one of them, and I am holding a book: “The collapse of the wave function and the problem of conscience. PhD dissertation ”

The only conscious memories I have is me running and these glitches. But…

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Releasing Schedule + Clearing the Air.

Okay, so. I've been pretty enthusiastic with releasing Confidant so far and wanted to make a few things clear. First of all I want to respond to a few queries I've had and want to make clear that I will not be releasing the entire book here on this blog. I'll be uploading up to… Continue reading Releasing Schedule + Clearing the Air.