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The Trees Also Bleed (Preface)

A less than gentle breeze blew through the splintered trees in Redbark Woods, echoing a sound of distant howling in the darkness. Robert could hear the noise of shifting things that disturbed the leaves and knew better than to assume it was only the wind. The roots of the trees ran as deep as their… Continue reading The Trees Also Bleed (Preface)



New Old Science

I am running. Where? I don’t know. From what? I don’t know.


I am wearing a suit. Not a jogging suit. One of those suit with a tie. There is a card bouncing on my breast. A University logo. And a name. “Prof. John Williamson – Physics department”.
My hands are covered in wrinkles. I must be 60, or more. Alzheimer? Seems plausible. I turn back: no one is following. The streets are empty, and I don’t recognise them. Once again one of those glitches.

I am in an auditorium, I feel happy like I have achieved something. Around me, there are a lot of young people dressed in a cape. I am one of them, and I am holding a book: “The collapse of the wave function and the problem of conscience. PhD dissertation ”

The only conscious memories I have is me running and these glitches. But…

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