Panacea – Chapter Two (Part Two)

Waverley station was big, bustling and full of tourists. Benn forgot how unreasonably close to August it was, when the huge arts festival enveloped the city with people wandering around, asking for directions and just generally being tourists. Benn couldn’t stand them, but he wasn’t as vocal about it as Ede was. ‘I’m so glad… Continue reading Panacea – Chapter Two (Part Two)


Panacea – Chapter Two (Part One)

'Seriously man.' Ede said between swigs of dark ale. 'Do you think I could get her number? How much of a shot do you think I have?' 'I swear I thought she was called Lisa or something...' Benn looked into the last of his first pint of ale. Scottish beer just never seemed to cut… Continue reading Panacea – Chapter Two (Part One)