What I Want To Do

So I’ve been thinking about what I want to do here. I’ve seen a lot of blogs like this that seem to amount to advertisements and teasers for upcoming releases. Thing is, I’m not about to let this blog turn into something like those Twitter feeds that you see that are basically just constant links and reviews of their books.

Instead what I’m going to do here is just put up whatever writing work or ranty thoughts that I’m stewing on. I don’t have a lot of faith in my previous projects (bad editing, outdated stories, inexperienced writing and all the other normal crap.)

So you’ll find advertising and links to my work very rarely on this blog. All I’m going to do is put up The Fourth Day, short stories and other stuff I’m working on. I’ll post whenever something goes on sale, sure, but the bottom line will be that if you like what you read here, then look my name up, I’m not going to bombard your e-mails and faces with advertisements and shameless promotion.

On that note there are a lot of projects going on that I can’t post here just yet as they’re currently under submission, but once the rejection letters come in I’ll be doing what I can to put my work out there/in here.


That’s about it. Happy reading!


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