The Trees Also Bleed

The Trees Also Bleed – Chapter Two (Part One)

The ground in the driveway as slick and wet despite Beth having no recollection of it having rained. The sun reflecting off the glistening tarmac brought little comfort to her as she sat curled up in her bed, gazing out the window in a state of half-consciousness that had nothing to do with how tired… Continue reading The Trees Also Bleed – Chapter Two (Part One)

The Trees Also Bleed

The Trees Also Bleed – Chapter One (Part Two)

The only road into the town brought her straight onto the main street, where heavy traffic gave Lauren the much needed excuse to park in a free space outside an arcade and stretch her legs. With a groan, she arched her back as she stepped out onto the footpath and allowed herself to breathe fresh… Continue reading The Trees Also Bleed – Chapter One (Part Two)



New Old Science

I am running. Where? I don’t know. From what? I don’t know.


I am wearing a suit. Not a jogging suit. One of those suit with a tie. There is a card bouncing on my breast. A University logo. And a name. “Prof. John Williamson – Physics department”.
My hands are covered in wrinkles. I must be 60, or more. Alzheimer? Seems plausible. I turn back: no one is following. The streets are empty, and I don’t recognise them. Once again one of those glitches.

I am in an auditorium, I feel happy like I have achieved something. Around me, there are a lot of young people dressed in a cape. I am one of them, and I am holding a book: “The collapse of the wave function and the problem of conscience. PhD dissertation ”

The only conscious memories I have is me running and these glitches. But…

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